Our Values

Attitude: Being proactive, vibrant, preparedness and dedicated

Practice: Acting with objectivity, inclusiveness, integrity and compliance

Focus: Focusing on people’s life, nature and atmosphere

Who We Are

Jupiter a company dedicated to providing superior commercial and residential cleaning services, with efficient and quality cleaning services, high standards of care and attention. Jupiter have experts who have been trained to provide professional fumigation services throughout Zanzibar.

Fumigation to us is to ensure that shipping, cargo, manufacturing, warehousing, milling, agricultural businesses, hotels and residential area are protected against pests such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths. Our fumigation is carried out in accordance with the government regulations.


Jupiter strives to respect its clients from the Public and Private sectors. It wants to create a positive relationship, recognizes its client as the reason for the company’s establishment and success. 


Being a better role model in the region that deliver the best services and products to the Public and Private sectors.”


Maintaining consistence growth, as a driving force for innovative soft solutions and a single source of transformation


Our strong self-esteems are on:


Jupiter believes in bringing on board products and services that are safe for both the users and the environment


Jupiter meets the fundamental requirements while building new opportunities to all persons regardless of the physical limitations he/she have.


Jupiter believes in bringing on board a diverse team regardless of originality, ethnicity, religions, genders, and cultures.

Our Values


Being proactive, vibrant, preparedness and dedicated


Acting with objectivity, inclusiveness, integrity and compliance


Focusing on people's life, nature and atmosphere.

Core Functions

Social Functions

Community supporting services outreach and research

Economic Functions

Pomological management of cloves, spices and fruits trees.

Production and management of non-wood forest products include rubber, honey and mushroom.

Blue economy endeavors

Environmental Functions

Conservation management and development of natural habitats include wetlands, eroded and watershed areas.

Silvicultural, management and utilization of wood forest resources

Restoration and safeguarding the wild animals include mammals, birds, amphibians and insects

Regulating degradation and management of non-renewable natural resources include corals, sands and soil.

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